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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

a walk in the past

As we were driving to visit Shaker Village last week the kids were looking for cows. There aren't a lot of cows in Atlanta and little Tess who just turned two was very interested in seeing some. When we passed a field of cows, her big brother JH pointed some out. I see one she said. JH, typical big brother, said you don't see one you see a bunch. Tess gave him the look and said I see one Nana. Believe me, you are not going to one up that child.

Of course, big brothers come in handy when you want to see a cow close up and there is a high stacked stone wall in the way.

and horses

well, Tess loves horses.

as for the older "children" (one of those would be me) there is so much wonderful history to see and more of the buildings were open.

just waiting for us to explore.

I'm running out the door now so I will share some interior shots on Friday. We also visited Fort Harrod that day and I will share those another day, too.

As you can probably tell, I got my internet fixed. After two fruitless calls to Windstream I found the number of the man who installed it last year. He was over here in 30 minutes with a new modem. Thanks Glenn, it is working perfectly now.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

bah humbug internet woes

I apologize that there won't be a Women Speak Forum this week as scheduled. I am having problems with my internet connection and can't keep it going long enough to write a full post.

They supposedly fixed it over the phone last night, but as soon as I hung up it went out again. SIGH!!!!

I also have a new laptop and I am having a problem getting it to load all of the photos from my camera. Here is one of my sweet granddaughter Tessa from last week. It makes me smile to see it.

Have a great day and hopefully I will get someone out here to fix the internet.
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Monday, August 18, 2014

kissing the earth

A Snippet Of Inspiration

Each Monday is devoted to a snippet of inspiration because a little rain falls in everyone's life.

In my last post I talked about how I like to go outside and stand barefoot on the earth. How it grounds me. And then I came across this.

So now when I stand barefoot on the grass I do imagine my feet are kissing the earth. I send love into the earth and pull love back up into my body. It is a wonderful healing feeling.

Please join me tonight and tomorrow for Women Speak. We will be talking about aging as a single woman.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

life is real

There is nothing like spending a week with children to make you see what life is really about. You fall down and skin your knee, you cry for a few minutes, a bandaid is put on (preferably one with a cartoon character) accompanied by a kiss, and you get on with life. You enjoy the moment. Walking and swimming aren't seen as exercise. They are seen as times of exploration and fun. 

You are constantly learning and embracing new ideas. You ask intriguing questions and when answers are given you often come up with better answers of your own. Life is new. Life is fresh. You cry. You play. You move on to the next exciting moment. Life is real.

Life is not really about seeing a beautiful home on the internet and wishing it was yours. It is not about comparing yourself to others. Yes, we all like to see pretty homes, but the reality is that people just like us live in those homes. They may have more stuff, they may live in a bigger space, they may take more exotic vacations, they may have bigger paychecks, but the reality is they are real people, and my guess is that their homes aren't perfect. They have children who make messes. They have marital problems. They have illnesses. No one can really shut their eyes to the realities of life, because life is real.

While putting on a bandaid won't solve all of life problems, the loving of yourself when you apply the bandaid is a perfect start. Tapping into the wonder of who you are can help to bring peace into your life. Life is real.

Sometimes I just feel the need to go outside and stand on the earth in my bare feet. It helps to bring back memories of childhood. It grounds me. As I stand there I picture my worries going back into the earth. I look around and know that

Life Is Real

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

aging into smaller living spaces

As a member of the baby boomer generation I know that we are aging and as we age our needs for living spaces are changing. Our children have grown and are living on their own, giving us the opportunity to move into a new space. Retirement for our generation is different than that of our parents. For the most part they retired in the same area where they lived, staying in their homes or moving to another home in the same vicinity. Our generation will diversify more, and for many of us we may be looking for smaller living spaces. Spaces that allow us to remain vibrant without the burden of the upkeep of a large home. 

Smaller homes mean being more creative with our use of space. 

Keeping what we love in our smaller space.

A smaller bedroom can still be stylish and cozy.

And we can still cozy up to a warm fire in a small space.

Living in a smaller space doesn't mean you have to give up having a fun and comfortable space. This cute house is only 540 square feet.

Farmhouse Exterior by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

And this small home is quaint and charming in the middle of a city.

For many of us living in a smaller space appeals to our sense of green living, of consuming less, and of reducing our carbon footprint.

Just as we did when we were younger we are creating new ways of living.

I am having a wonderful week with my family. We are spending our last day together going to Shaker Village and then the kids are going to swim this afternoon. Tomorrow my daughters and grandchildren will be heading back to Atlanta and I will be driving my younger sister to Knoxville so she can spend a few days with her daughter before she goes home to Arizona. After that I promise to catch up with everyone.

Have a great day.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

healthy living tips

I am spending time with my family this week, so I am not having Women Speak. I will resume it next Tuesday, when we will talk about how to live your life as an aging single woman, a topic suggested by one of my readers.

I have been spending some time thinking about ways to live a healthier life and so I thought I would share these simple suggestions today.

1. Drink Plenty Of Water. Drinking two cups before a meal can cut calorie intake by 15% and keep skin looking healthy.

2. Sleep. It keeps you well because chemicals important to your immune system are secreted during sleep

3. Move That Body. 30 minutes of walking can burn 200-250 calories.

4) Eat One Less Bite. Cut 250 calories from food and burn 250 calories with exercise each day and you can lose 3500 calories, or one pound a week.

5) Give a Hug, Get a Hug. Hugs can lower blood pressure and ease stress.

Thanks to Conscious Life News for these tips.

I also want to take a moment to say how saddened I was by Robin Williams death. My ex husband, the father of my daughters, also suffers from Bipolar Disorder. It is a devastating illness in the lives of many families. My prayers are with his family. 
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Monday, August 11, 2014

stay positive

A Snippet of Inspiration

Week Nine

Because a little rain will fall into everyone's life and I believe everyone should start out their week feeling inspired. Snippets of Inspiration is a small shot of inspiration on Mondays.

source unknown

Don't let anyone take away your feelings of joy and positivity on this beautiful Monday morning.

I am having family time this week so I will bring back Women Speak next Tuesday.

Have a wonderful day, my friends.

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