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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

where did that darn thing go?

I meant to have Women Speak today.

I planned to have Women Speak today.

I even wrote Women Speak last night. 

Tessa seems to think the whole thing is a little boring
It was good. I was excited about our conversation. I hit publish. I hit view blog. My post wasn't there. I looked in my saved posts. My post wasn't there. 

I felt a little panicky. I mean what will people think?

So I started to search and I called its name. Please come out from wherever you are.

Tessa is even out knocking on doors for me
Behind the chair? Nope. In the closet? Ummm, I don't think I could find anything in that mess. In the refrigerator? No, but those leftovers sure look good. Under the bed? Nooooo, but major head rush from leaning over. Maybe I should just sit down and eat those leftovers while I recover. 

In the meantime Tessa is still out looking. That girl doesn't give up.
While eating the leftovers I realized that I had to come clean. I mean you all know me pretty well and you know that I would make a terrible criminal. If I stole a piece of gum I would be confessing before the flavor was gone. 

So here's the truth. I didn't write Women Speak last night. I went to a new doctor and they took 50 gallons (okay, just a slight exaggeration) of blood out of me, trying to figure out what is causing my peripheral neuropathy, and I was feeling too tired. I got in my jammies, read a book, and was asleep at nine o'clock. 

Women Speak will be back next week. In the meantime, if you have any topics you would like to talk about please email me and let me know. And of course, as always, have a wonderful good day.

Now where did I put my keys.................

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P.S. I'm beginning to think this whole thing was just an excuse to throw in some cute Tessa photos :)
Monday, September 15, 2014

never apologize for who you are

A Snippet of Inspiration

Each Monday is devoted to a snippet of inspiration because a little rain falls in everyone's life.

For many years I found myself apologizing when someone told me I was too sensitive, too emotional. Then I stopped.

I knew that those parts of my personality were what helped me to be a better counselor. I knew that it would be easier to not show those feelings, but it would also be insincere. 

We are each one unique and we should never have to apologize for who we are. So let those feelings out. Show that you care. You may not only change your life, but quite possibly the life of someone else.
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

uh oh

Back in July, I had a bit of an uh oh. I had a small place on my leg that had begun to change. It had started to itch, had grown a little, and had become irregular in shape. Time to take action.

So I called a dermatologist and was able to get in quickly. Hmmm, may be something, may be nothing, but we better take it off. Taking it off involved making a hole in my leg. Hmmmm!!! 

A few days later I got the call. It was a squamous cell carcinoma, but they got it all. Whew!!! Now that I have had skin cancer, I will have to have a full body check every six months and watch for any signs in between checkups.

According to WHO, The World Health Organization, the incidence of both non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers has been increasing. Current statistics say that 1 in 5 people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. 

Although anyone can get skin cancer, it is more prevalent in Caucasians, due to a lack of skin pigmentation. 

Some individual risk factors for skin cancer

  • fair skin
  • blue, green or hazel eyes
  • light-coloured hair
  • tendency to burn rather than suntan
  • history of severe sunburns
  • many moles
  • freckles
  • a family history of skin cancer
I have all of these risk factors except the many moles. I have only a few of those. 

It is important to note, that excessive sun exposure can damage all skin types, and although we look at a tan as being cosmetically pleasing, there is nothing healthy about a tan. 

Some of the things you can do are: 

  • stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. This even applies during winter, when the sun can reflect off of the snow. 
  • watch for the UV index
  • use shade wisely
  • wear protective clothing
  • use sunscreen (I know there is controversy now over sunscreen so if you feel that this not something you want to do, you can follow the other guidelines)
  • avoid sunlamps and tanning parlors
As we head out of summer and into fall, we are leaving the most dangerous time of year for sun exposure. So, this is a good time to check yourself for any skin irregularities and to make an appointment with a dermatologist for a full body check.

I am grateful that I found mine early and that it was not a melanoma, and even though I have pretty much stayed out of the sun for quite awhile, I know that I had some pretty bad exposure growing up. So I will definitely stay on top of it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

follow your own road


Each of us has our own road, our own path, to follow, and yet we so often allow our selves to be guided by the expectations of others. 

In order to find true happiness we must learn to listen to our own intuition, to the inner voice that speaks to us. That voice is what tells us what is best for our own lives. Just as we can't live the lives of others, neither can they live our lives. 

Allow yourself time to just sit in quiet and listen to your inner voice. What is it telling you? As I meditate each morning in quiet I allow my inner peace to come out, and as I feel the peace I listen to my own voice. I am often surprised at what it tells me, because I know that I have spent too much of my life following the expectations of others. 

So if I find myself following a path that doesn't feel right for me, I stop and change my direction. You can too. Just listen to your inner voice and take your own road. It will lead you to some surprising and exciting places.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

fall updates

Fall is coming. There just doesn't seem to be any way to stop it. So instead of kicking and screaming my way into it, I have decided I will embrace every moment of it. (even though my mold allergies want me to move to the Caribbean)

The first thing I wanted to do was make some changes in my bedroom. I thought I would show you what I did to my bedside area first. Of course my sister looked at it and said, "I thought you were making fall changes to your room" Duh, I didn't mean I was stringing pumpkin cutouts across the ceiling. Seriously!!

What I did do was put away the summery quilt and replace the pink flower dishes.

I moved my wonderful old ironstone pitcher from the top of my bedside table to the bottom shelf.

It is rather large and was taking up a lot of space. I replaced it with this adorable French style phone from the 1970s that I found a couple of weeks ago at an auction. I think it is perfect with the mid century lamp.

I couldn't decide what to do with my little pink milking stool that was sitting by my chair. I found something at a yard sale last week that I wanted to replace it with (I'll show that another time). I eventually decided just to place it behind the chair and stack some of my books on it. (yes, those are cords. It's real life)

I really wanted to change up what was displayed on the top of the hanging shelf. I had just kind of thrown up some roses plates and an old print, but I wasn't feeling the love for it. I think I just wanted it to be simpler. So I started with an old framed photo and  added some antique bottles, books, and a sweet bird.

Of course I still have my mom's baby clothes displayed and just because I wanted a touch of color, whimsy, and to still keep a bit of summer I added a blue straw hat.

I think I am starting to feel the simple and serene love for fall.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

yes, I'm a grandparent...now what

Women Speak

I often wonder about my role as a grandparent. As a parent I pretty much forged my own path. I may not have always known what I was doing, but the decisions were basically mine. As a grandparent I am not always so sure. There are, after all, two other people setting the rules. Two other people who have their own expectations as to what kind of role they want you to play in the lives of their children. 

My own mother was pretty much a hands off kind of grandmother. She told me from the get go that she was never babysitting. She wouldn't pick her grandchildren up because she said it hurt her arthritis. She didn't want them sitting on her lap and messing up her clothes. As I look back on it now, I realize that she made the rules. My father adored my daughters, but he was very ill and so his role was limited. 

I absolutely love my grandchildren. I could eat them up with a spoon. I don't care how much pain I am in. I love to pick them up, hold them in my lap, read them stories until my eyes fall out, and get down on the floor to crawl into their tent, even if I am not sure I can get back up.

I am however, conscious of the fact that I don't want to overstep my place. I have never discussed this with my daughter. I don't live nearby and so I don't see the children more than two or three times a year (not nearly enough for me), but as I do plan to move near them next year I want to be comfortable with my expectations as well as theirs. I want all of us, especially the children, to feel good about our relationship.

So my question today is are you a grandparent? If so how do you handle this. Is it just natural for you or have you discussed it? Are you a parent with young children? What are your expectations for your own parents? I would love to have your input.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, pull up a chair, and let's chat.

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it's okay

A Snippet of Inspiration

Each Monday is devoted to a snippet of inspiration because a little rain falls in everyone's life.

It's okay.

It's okay if you're not ahead.

It's okay if you're just hanging onto the tail end trying to catch up. 

It's okay if you aren't in first place.

It's okay no matter where you are in the race. In this game of life. In the general scheme of things.

Because, see, you haven't given up. You haven't quit. You're trying. You're giving it everything you've got. And that is all that matters. 

It's okay!
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P.S. Join me later today for Women Speak. I'm up and out early this morning to take my sister back to the doctor.